Our Artisans our Pride

Unnati strives to bring the traditions of India to customers all around the world with its unique creations and products. It not only helps its artisans become wage earners, but also spreads awareness about the traditional crafts of the region, thus helping preserve a rich part of India’s national cultural heritage.

Artisans from Haryana

Past green fields and closer to the rocky Aravallis, our women artisans from Haryana live in clustered villages that face the brunt of water scarcity. The women who are single, rural artists struggle in a fast-changing world that has little place for their traditional crafts. We, at Unnati, find new ways to synthesize their art handed down through generations into the needs of their metropolitan neighbors. We enable the women artisans and their handicrafts to get a fair chance to compete with the market and help them become more resilient and self-sufficient to face every challenge they come across

Artisans from Uttar Pradesh

Zardozi is among the most iconic forms of embroidery that continue to represent Lucknow City on the World fashion map. As time progressed, each of the art forms that employed handiwork became sole representatives of the indigenous cultures. It is through these art forms that we are usually introduced to these cultures by virtue of these handmade artifacts.

Zardozi artisans even since the Mughal period have committed themselves and their generations to keeping this precious art alive. Therefore, Unnati provides a platform for these artisans to spread the love of their heritage to the rest part of India.

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